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    Nedschroef Herentals N.V.
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    Brigandsstraat 10, B-2200, Herentals, Belgium
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Specialized in manufacturing various types of multi station high speed cold former

Nedschroef Machinery is a world leader in the design, manufacture, installation and service of industrial cold and warm metal forming machines. Our goal is to create significant market advantages for our customers. Besides that we pay maximum attention to energy efficiency and environmental protection.
Our excellent service regarding the implementation of innovative tooling concepts and far reaching consultancy regarding the overall cold, semi-hot or hot metal forming process and trends is appreciated by our customers.

We believe that today’s highly developed markets look for fasteners and new complex parts, produced to tighter tolerances, at lower cost and in less time. Our focus on following and understanding the latest market developments will enable customers to focus on their own business, while we focus on solving their challenges.

We are determined to offer value propositions to our customers, giving an excellent value in return for their investment. Service oriented and providing the highest quality equipment and solutions to improve our customer performance.

Nedschroef Machinery has its headquarters in Herentals Belgium and is part of the Nedschroef Holding. Responsible for sales and services, supported by a subsidiary located in Detroit, North America and a worldwide network of more than 15 agencies.
A Tooling Competence and Technology Centre located in Herentals Belgium will give customers the opportunity to explore new trends in the broadest sense in the field of metal forming and its products and processes. Fast delivery of the complete tooling is also possible within the Nedschroef group by own SMF Tooling.